Saturday, November 20, 2010

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So today was crazy! I went to Holt's and got my friend a Links of London bracelet with a mini silver heart charm (on sale) for her upcoming birthday party. Anyways, across the street is an H&M. So I saw a few people carrying the Lanvin ♥ H&M bags. Then I started freaking out. My mom then told me that the line was out today. I've been searching online more info for months and on the shopping website (UK) they said you could only buy on November 23rd but not I realized they only meant online. So we went across the street and went upstairs where the stuff were and then...

GONE. Empty shelves. Nothing left.

Pretty depressing. So then we walked down to this big mall (the Eaton Centre) and I hoped that there were still stuff left. I went inside and there was a huge lineup leading to the back of the store. So I waited for an hour and people pushed (this guy in the orange puffy jacket) went right in front of me and grabbed two t-shirts without even looking at them! It was so crazy and busy! But I ended up getting the t-shirt with the girl with the bow, earrings, and eyelashes and the one with the 3 girls on it. My mom helped me pay for them a bit, but I'm so excited to wear them to school on Monday! Either with skinny pants (black or camel) and an Alice + Olivia black jeweled bracelet, or patterned tights and a skirt. I'll post pictures tomorrow. And I'm still excited to get the opportunity to just wear them, even though their the wrong sizes.

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