Sunday, January 16, 2011

All that Glitters

I've been stressing so much for the past week and I'm very happy that my English presentation is over. Although, this upcoming week I have a large business and civics project/assignment/presentation due and a French in-class exam. My actual exams are the following week (27th - English, 29th - Business, 1st - French). So the only thing that can keep me alive during these hard times are retail therapy. Yesterday I went downtown and read all the magazines and walked around. I bought this book called Shoo, Jimmy Choo! and a bottle of OPI nail polish in Teenage Dream (designed by Katy Perry). Great trend for 2011 - sparkly nail polish. I think that nail polish is the ultimate accessory and this sparkle reminds me of my first bottle when I was 6! It was light sparkly pink with glitter and silver stars. The bottle cap was in the shape of a pink princess crown! I think that this shade is more mature and still youthful at the same time. Please excuse the shortness of my nails - they broke and don't look as nice as they usually do.

Katy Perry's Teenage Dream for O.P.I. (sparkly pink)

I think the statement says "New Year, New Start." And plus sparkly nail polish brightens up your day - especially when you're stressing about school.

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