Thursday, January 20, 2011

Le français est très stupide.

Well it is right now. WARNING: No pictures and expressing current thoughts non-related to fashion ahead. I have my in-class exam tomorrow which consists of a passage à vu and a composition of 80+ words I have to create. I think the composition is What did you do over the holiday.winter break because I know that it has to be written in passé composé or l'imparfait (past tense). Last year it was What are you going to do this summer, so we wrote in future tense. So now I'm reviewing all my French notes and sheets and looking over the sheet of passé composé vs. l'imparfait which for the fill in the blanks of given l'infinitif, I suck at. If anyone ever needs help deciding what to use I am posting it now (and also so it can help me study!)

I'm going to use the verb sentir - to feel
Passé Composé Meanings
1. I felt
2. I have felt
3. Did I feel?

l'Imparfait Meanings
1. I felt
2. I was feeling
3. I used to feel

When debating what to use (hard to really explain what I'm talking about).

Les Règles

1. Action Complétée
ex. Elle a dit.
2. Temps spécifique
ex. Heir...
3. Interruption
ex. Marie est arrivée and la classe, . . . (then the action en progrès)

1. Description
ex. cheveux, temps, little person
2. Action habituelle
ex. chaque...semaine(every week)
3. Action en Progrès
ex. Madame faisait sont travail
4. Peppacaves:
(can/to be able to)
(to be)
-pendant que (while)
-penser (to think)
-avoir (to have)
-croire (to believe)
-aimer (to like)
-vouloir (to want)
-espérer (to hope)
-savoir (to know)

Sorry that this was probably boring and you may have NO IDEA what I was just talking about, but it was to help me study too and who knows that maybe one day you'll be thanking me! And my mom just got home from work and got me this empty Lanvin jewlry holder box and these Valentines paper fortune cookie cards for Valentine's Day! I'll post pictures soon! Wish me luck tomorrow!

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