Sunday, January 2, 2011

On my mind

Happy New Year's! 2011! I can't believe it! So for this blog, I've finally got my pictures uploaded and wanted to share to you what's on my mind before school starts tomorrow and all I'll be thinking about is culminatings and exams (French, English, Business, and Civics). So here they are:

1. Christmas. Yes, I'm still thinking about Christmas. And I wanted to upload some pictures (the Marc by Marc boots will be posted soon along with the fair isle cardigan!)

Forever21 Gift Card and Charbonnel et Walker Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles

Merry Christmas ♥

2. New Year's. I went to my friend's house with some other friends for a sleepover. We watched Easy A and She's Out of My League. And watched Dick Clark's special and drank de-alcoholized Rose (which I though tasted gross so I took one tiny sip and got the Pepsi). My friend's dad gave it for us, but we hardly drank any and all of our glasses were still full the next morning.

See how it says 0.3% alc. We were joking about getting drunk off that!

3. Winter wear. Clothes that I wear outside walking to school. Usually camel or black beret or fur trapper hat and my Canada Goose long black jacket with my pink scarf from H&M with the polka dots or usually my pink Burberry scarf. And now I get to say my new sheepskin mittens from Holt Renfrew.

Pink Burberry Cashmere Frindged Scarf

Sheepskin Mittens from Holt Renfrew

School's tomorrow, so I better go get some beauty rest! Oh and my outfit for tomorrow is: blue pinstriped ruffled button down from H&M, jeggings from Stitches, braided pearl headband from Forever21, silver Tiffany & Co. bow pendant, Links of London charm bracelet, Marc by Marc Jacobs short buckled rubber boots. Hope my first day back won't be so bad!

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